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An uncontrolled pest problem can do more than just embarrass or annoy your patrons.
Commercial settings present unique challenges when it comes to pest control.
Each business or industry is different as the
presence of food, water and habitats vary greatly.
Your particular risk of infestation depends on the
number of contributing factors within and around
your establishment.
It is estimated that 96% of the customers who see a pest in your place of business will not complain
to you, rather they will grumble about the negative experience to an average of ten other people, exponentially
damaging your reputation and revenue.  Furthermore, pest infestation lowers employee morale and productivity,
and may very well damage product and/or equipment.
Allegheny Pest Control, Inc. designs and implements a customized plan of action utilizing the latest
technologies, proven methods and the skills and knowledge of our certified professionals to eliminate
pests and to prevent future re-infestations.  Moreover, Allegheny Pest Control, Inc., will
 administer an effective pest management program while faithfully complying with the regulatory
 requirements pertaining to your business or industry.
Serving Pittsburgh PA and the surrounding suburbs.
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